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Browse2Go - EN

Smartly designed! The world’s most flexible browser for flash content that comes with bandwidth optimization of mobile browsing and offers DNS Freedom.

Flash Browsing
Browse2Go enables users to view millions of flash-based videos, games and applications.

Browse2Go sweeps through the web page the user is browsing and makes a list of flash-based videos in the page. The user can select and stream the video content from the list.

Browsing web pages has never been such a good and uninterrupted experience before; thanks to Browse2Go’s innovative technology users can now experience high quality web surfing without receiving error messages and missing any important content.

Bandwidth Optimization
Browse2Go is a smartly engineered application which renders the requested web page on the cloud.

Browse2Go proprietary compression technique enables transferred content data to be highly optimized and compressed, reducing data costs.

As as result, Browse2Go gives faster and cheaper web surfing experience to users.

DNS Freedom
View any site, reach any content! Break the limits and go mobile with our flexible browser, Browse2Go!

Enjoy freedom of web surfing!

For Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our Support page.

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