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Browse2Go - Support

Why do I need Browse2Go?
With Browse2Go you can reach desktop version of web sites, play millions of flash videos, games and applications, with content data transfer optimizations and without dns limitations and save bandwidth while doing all of these with Browse2Go

Will Browse2Go help reduce data bill?
Browse2Go compression technique enables transfered content data to be highly optimized and compressed. If you have limited data package, this will effect your data bill.

What are the supported platforms and devices for Browse2Go?
Currently Browse2Go works on iPhone Models: 3G, 3G, 4, iPod touch and iPad with IOS: 3.1.3, 4. and newer.
Other platform and device support is on our product development road map.

Which countries are supported?
Browse2Go for iPhone is available in the Apple App Store Worldwide.

How to Zoom?
Browse2Go behaves just as Safari on the iPhone and iPad. You can double-tap to zoom into specific regions on the page.

What does ‘numbers' do (under Video Menu)?
Browse2Go traps and lists flash videos served on the surfed web page. User can select and stream the video content from the list. Number on the Video icon indicates how many videos available on current site.

Can I clear my history, cookies and stored passwords from the client?
Yes! You can do this under Browser Settings.

Can I set Browse2Go as the default browser?
No. Unfortunately, this action is not supported by Apple.

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