23 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba

Browse2Go - Product

Flash Videos, Games and Applications
Don't miss any content served on the internet!

Browse2Go enables users to play millions of Flash videos, games and applications.

Browse2Go traps and lists flash videos served on the surfed web page. Browse2Go users can select and stream the video content from the list.

Browse2Go innovative technology provides Browse2go users experience high quality web surfing without error messages and missing content.

Bandwidth Optimization
Save money while enjoying your web surf!

Browse2Go is a smartly engineered application which renders requested web page on the cloud.

Browse2Go compression technique enables transfered content data to be highly optimized and compressed.

Browse2Go gives faster and cheaper web surfing experience to users.

DNS Freedom
Enter any site, reach any content!

Break the limits and go mobile with our flexible browser, Browse2Go!

Enjoy freedom of web surfing ...

Future Enhancements and Developments
Browse2Go founded and developed by Mirsis Information Technologies.

Social media integrations, Facebook and Twitter shortcuts are placed here to help users share their thoughts, experiences with other users and the Browse2Go team.

For any further suggestions for enhancement for Browse2Go please feel free to contact us by E-mail, Browse2Go Support page or Browse2Go Social media channels.

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