20 Ocak 2012 Cuma

Now You Can Enjoy Flash Videos Hassle-free!

Many of us have been experiencing difficulties while surfing. When we are trying to view some flash video available on the net, suddenly we come across our computer screen showing a message “DNS error” and there goes the joy of our watching the video, news, movies or whatever it is. This adds up more disappointment, when we are on the go and surfing the net through our iPhone, iPad or iTouch devices, which are considered most popular among the world youths, irrespective of country limitations.

With a view to alleviate the grievances and grudging of the younger population, manufacturers have been putting forth their best efforts to introduce a latest technology web application, to overcome the troubles and hassles, exclusively for the use of iPhone, iPad and iTouch device users out there, all over the world. The latest Apple-Store approved Browse2Go Flash Video Game Web Browser answers all the anxieties of end-users, well and squarely.

Briefly, what is Browse2Go Web Browser? Well – it is downloadable web application software and functions as a fast, dns free and powerful web browser, which enhances the support inherent in your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The latest version is in English language and the size is 9.1 MB. Manufactured by Mirsis Bilgi Technolojileri , this product is targeted to view Flash Videos, play Video Games and similar other applications like watching live TV, downloading series or particular episode, listening music, roaming in your favorite social sites like Twitter, Face book etc.

The users of this Browse2Go Web Browser will experience high quality web surfing and they will not encounter missing contents or annoying error messages. This browser sharply traps flash videos on the web page surfed by you, and lists them spontaneously. From this list you can select the video of your choice, and stream the content without any trouble, whatsoever.

The manufacturers challenge and boast of the utility function of this brand new technology Web Browser that with this software downloaded in your iPhone and other devices, you can enter any website and reach any content on any webpage in the Internet. This way this flexible browser breaks the barriers hitherto causing hindrances to end-users.

Another notable feature of this technology updated Web Browser is Bandwidth Optimization. It can enable you save money while surfing. This software renders whatever web page is requested by you on the “cloud”. Also the compression technique applied in this technology enables highly optimized form of the content data, compressed very conveniently.

All put together, now you can enjoy flash videos hassle-free and experience faster web surfing at cheaper cost in your mobiles.

Here Is Good News for Apple iPhone, iPad Users!

You would not have easily forgotten the sensation. When the mobile phone devices, hitherto bought by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, for just the sake of communication as a card-less phone were transformed all of a sudden, by the announcement of world-renowned Apple Store into mini-computers. Yes – the accessibility to the World Wide Web known as Internet, through the mobile devices was certainly a welcome change.
One after the other, Apple introduced mobile phone equipments in a series, starting from Smart Phones of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The younger generation all over the world was immensely happy, that they can enter into the Internet world on the go. Normally their rush of blood won’t allow them to stick to one place, even if it is for sitting before a computer screen for chatting, messaging, mailing and exploring the net-world for many other purposes, including importantly, visiting the popular social book-mark sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

So the introduction of the facility of Internet accessibility through their hand-devices of iPhone, iPad and iPod was a boon, whereby they can roam about wherever they want and still get connected to the net-world side-by-side. Yet, in spite of the popularity of these mobile devices, in getting an inevitable place in the pockets of both young males and females together, the user population were grudging with certain unexpected hitches, experienced in Internet accessibility through these hand phones.
Especially when they accessed the web-pages with video contents, more often than not there was a frustrating discomfort of the mobile screen showing an announcement, “DNS error” and their connection to the net got cut off. This is because of deficiency in the Domain Name System requiring the Flash Support being faulty. Nevertheless, there were innumerable software solutions and applications made available by Apple Store periodically. But this hassle was continuing, to the annoyance of millions of iDevices users worldwide.

Here is good news that they need not worry any more. The latest Apple Store-approved software Browse2Go Flash Video Web Browser application does the trick. This sophisticated upgraded technology application, downloadable instantly, solves the problems faced by iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices of all latest models, in getting quicker and “DNS free” access to Flash Video pages of the Internet.
With this software application of Browse2Go Flash Video Web Browser in your device, you can experience high quality web-surfing; play millions of flash videos, games and all other applications related to video contents of web pages; select and stream the desired video content; enjoy news casts; sports and TV programs; download a full series or episodes of TV shows and the like.

Better still, this innovative software application is engineered in such a way, that you get the desired web page using “cloud technologies”, meaning your web-surfing time is saved; compressed and optimized data transfer, also enables significant saving of Internet-surfing bills.

Thus Browse2Go Flash Video Web Browser application helps you achieve – hassle-free Internet access; faster; cheaper than never-before. Is it not good news for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users?