27 Aralık 2011 Salı

Are You an Apple iPad User? Then This Is For You!

For quite some time now, those who surf the Internet through their mobile phones like Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch have been grudging with complaints. A sizeable majority of them was struggling to get easy and quicker access to websites, especially if there is video content. When they were eager to view the video portion, there appeared an annoying message box on the screen saying “DNS error”.

For such of those who are not yet familiar with what DNS is a brief intro. When you access a website through the web browser, in micro seconds the Domain Name System converts the name of that website into its IP address and the website appears on your computer screen (or your mobile screen here). This fault is happening because of the inability of the software application installed in the mobile phones, which needs upgrading or refreshing.

As you are aware, Apple Store has been releasing innovative software solutions periodically, for use by their customers in millions all over the world, who possess any of the mobile devices of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In that series there has been efforts going on to identify and supply a suitable software solution, for a powerful web browser application in these devices.

As a happy ending of these complaints, the latest approval of Apple Store has been accorded to a sophisticated web application, called Browse2Go web server. This exclusive software application of Browse2Go just released for download by users of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch hand-phone devices makes your web-surfing hassle-free and a happy experience.

Before going further into the utility value of Browse2Go Flash Video Web Browser, the technical details first. This software is manufactured by the renowned Mirsis Information Technologies. The latest version of this web browser is and updated as on 16-12-11 and the size for downloading purposes is 6.9 MB.

Now what is so special about this so called Browse2Go Flash Video Web Browser? Well – it is fast in accessing websites; exclusively made for iPhone; iPad and iPod Touch latest models in the market; you can easily reach the desktop version of websites, especially those which have video contents, unlike before. No DNS failure indications nothing and you can play millions of Flash Video games as you like, as the software enhances the Flash Support in your mobile devices.

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